> Arto  Laitinen, Professor in Philosophy, University of Tampere (Finland). Vice-leader of the research consortium Robotics and the Future of Welfare Services / Academy of Finland

> Miroslav Vacura, Assistant professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Economics, Prague (Czech Republic). Lecturer and researcher at University of Economics, specialised in philosophy of IT. (ontology, computer ethics and cognitive informatics) – contribution to international EU projects (e.g. K-Space, M-CAST)

> Claudia  Otto, Lawyer and law firm owner, publisher and chief editor of « Recht innovativ » (Ri)., COT Legal (Germany). Frankfurt (Main) based legal advisor, researcher and writer with focus on Legal Technology, Blockchain and Smart Contracts, ICOs, IoT, FinTech, and A.I

> François Chaumette, Senior Scientist INRIA (France). Expert in robotics, Member of the Administrative Committee of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. IEEE Fellow.

> Gemma Galdon Clavell, Founder, Eticas Research and Consulting (Spain). Expert on Data Ethics. Finalist European Commission Woman Innovator of the Year.

> Aude Mirkovic, Private Law Lecturer at Université d’Evry (France).

> Roeland de Bruin, Assistant Professor, Utrecht University, Centre for Access to and Acceptance of Autonomous Intelligence (The Netherlands)

> Yvan Measson, CEO of ISYBOT Industrial Collaborative robots (France) -16 years of experience as a researcher at CEA-LIST (Institute of CEA Tech dedicated to Numerical Intelligent Systems).

> Malik Ghallab, Emeritus Research Director, CNRS LAAS (France). Academic research organization.

> Igor Čatić, Head of the Scientific Research Committee for Bioethics, Technique and Transhumanism, Scientific Center of Excellence for Integrative Bioethics, University of Zagreb (Croatia) – FAMENA Professor emeritus

> Céline Castets-Renard, Private Law Professor specialised in IT law, Université Toulouse Capitole, (France). Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Fordham Law School (New York City).

> Antoinette Rouvroy, FNRS / Crids, University of Namur permanent research associate (Belgium). Senior researcher at the Information, Law & Society Research Centre; professor of digital ethics, University of Namur; member of the European Data Protection Supervisor’s ethics advisory group; Member of the CNIL‘s foresight committee..

> Xavier Dijon, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Law, University of Namur, Former Member of the Consultative Council of Bioethics (Belgium).

> Jordi Albó Canals, Everis-NTT DATA Chief Scientific Officer – Boston Exponential Hub / Social Robotics Manager (Spain).

> Michèle Guilbot, Research Director, IFSTTAR, The French institute of science and technology for transport, development and networks (France).

> Julija Erhardt, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb Dr. sc., research associate, senior lecturer (Croatia) .Center for excellence  for integrative bioethics, member of Ethical Committee, University of Zagreb.

> François Pellegrini, Professor in Computer Science, University of Bordeaux (France). Researcher at LaBRI and Inria, Comissioner at the CNIL French National Computer and Freedom Commission.

> Leonor Tamayo, President, Profesionales por la Ética (Spain)

> Christophe Lazaro, Associate Professor,  UCL, (Belgium). Associate Professor at the Centre for Philosophy of Law (CPDR) of the University of Louvain (UCL). Member of the French Commission on the Ethics of Research on Digital Science and Technology (CERNA).

> Alain Strowel, Professor specialised in Internet and IT law, UCLouvain, Université Saint-Louis – Brussels (Belgium).

 > Jean-Paul Delahaye, Professor emeritus of computer science, University of Lille, (France). Member of CRISTAL (Centre de Recherche en Informatique, Signal et Automatique de Lille, CNRS) – Member of COMETS (Comité d’Ethique du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

> Jordi Vallverdú, Teaching and Research professor Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Professor (Spain). Expert in Computational Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences

> Jérôme Durand-Lose, Professor in Computer Science, University of Orléans (France). Detached to CNRS at the Computer Lab of Ecole Polytechnique LIX

> Rachid Alami, Research Director CNRS (France) – Head of Robotics an InteractionS Team, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse.

> Sabina   Leonelli, Professor of Philosophy and History of Science, University of Exeter, (United Kingdom), Leading researcher in data studies and ethics, philosophy, history and social studies of data-intensive science and science governance. Member of EU Open Science Policy Platform.       

> Jean-Pierre Merlet , Senior Scientist, INRIA (France). Expert in assistance robotics, member of IFToMM Executive Council, IEEE Fellow.

> Machiko Kanetake, Lecturer of Public International Law, Utrecht University (Netherlands).

> Jan  Podkowik, Assistant Professor, Department of Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw (Poland).

> Iga Bałos, Assistant Professor, PhD, AFM Krakow University (Poland). Assistant Professor, specialized in Intellectual Property Rights, esp. Patent Law & Software Patents Debate

> Elpida Vamvaka, President, Homo Digitalis (Greece). Homo Digitalis is the first Greek Non-Governmental Organization that focuses on the protection and promotion of Human Rights in the digital age.

> Erwan Renaudo, Researcher, Institüt fur Informatik – Intelligent and Interactive Systems, University of Innsbruck (Austria).

> Outi  Luova , University Lecturer and Researcher, University of Turku (Finland)

> Daniele Bourcier, Research Director Emeritus, CERNA (France). Jurist, Member of Executive Committee of international association AI & Law (IAAIL), Member of French Commission on Digital Ethics at CERNA

> Christine Froidevaux, Professor of Computer science, Head of Masters In Bioinformatics at Paris-Saclay,  University Paris Sud (France)

> Ivana Greguric, Research Associate Scientifist, Center of Excellence for Integrative Bioethics at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at University of Zagreb. (Croatia). International Society for Ethics and Information Technology INSEIT

> Gérard Bailly, Research Director CNRS (France). Chair of CRISSP (Cognitive Robotics, Interactive Systems & Speech Processing) at GIPSA-Lab – Member of the current ISCA (International Speech Communication Association) board.

> Côme Bommier, Secretary-General of SFFEM French and Francophone Society of Medical Ethics (France)

> Paolo Robuffo Giordano, Research Director in Robotics at CNRS (France).

> Sylvie Saget, PhD Student in Conversational AI, University of Gothenburg (Sweden)

> Simon Haller, Scientific Systems Engineer, University of Innsbruck (Austria). Department of Computer Science, Intelligent and Interactive Systems.

>Tony  Chan , Senior Expert, Huawei (United Kingdom). Contract and Commercial Affairs, CPA

> Pierre Kancir, Robotics research engineer at AzurDrones, French leader in automated industrial UAVs (France)

> Eric Germain, CERNA Historian (France). Member of the French Commission on the Ethics of Research on Digital Science and Technology CERNA

> Eduardo Fernandez-Moral, PhD in Robotics perception INRIA (Spain). Ccomputer vision and deep learning for Robotics

> Emmanuel Aubin, Vice President Social Relation and Ethics, University of Poitiers, (France). Member of Institute of Public Law, Specialized in Deontology and Ethics in the public administration.

> Maartje De Graaf, Postdoctoral Research Associate Brown University (Netherlands). Social and Behavioral Scientist.

>Serge Bringolf, Designer and co-founder of Robosphere (Switzerland)

> Anne Cammileri, Professor in Public Law and European Law at University Paris Sorbonne (France) Co-head of Defense Security and Strategic Intelligence Masters at Sciences -Politiques Rennes

 > Thierry Lefebvre, TENWHIL Sales Executive Manager (France)

> Nenad Vertovšek, Doc. PhD; associate at University of Zadar (Croatia). Department of Croatic and Slavic studies Zadar.

> Vincent Meyer, Tenure Professor of Information and Media, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis  (France)

> Leandre Varennes Phillit, Research Assistant Imperial College (United Kingdom)

> Amandine Cayol, Lecture in Private Law, University of Caen Normandie (France)

> Stéphane Caporal-Greco, Professor of public law (France). University of Saint-Etienne. Expert in theory and philosophy of law.

> Patrick Rives, Senior Scientist and Research Director INRIA (France) Expert in Autonomous Vehicles and Mobile Robotics.

> Pierre Duconseille, Exhibition curator Cité des Sciences and Palais de la Découverte, Universcience, (France). Exhibition on Robots

> Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, Research director at National Institute of Research on Computer Sciences and Automation INRIA (France)

> Sarah Hartley, Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter (United Kingdom)

> Arnaud Casteigts, Associate Professor, Laboratory of Bordeaux Research in Computing, LaBRI, (France).

> Nicolas Roussel, Senior Researcher INRIA (France). Expert in Human-Computer Interaction.

> Maurice Ronai, Comissioner at the CNIL French National Computer and Freedom Commission. (France).

> Peggy Larrieu,  Lecturer in Law, Aix-Marseille University (France)

> Maria Joao Rendas, Researcher Information Processing at CNRS (France).

> Gilles Tagne, Associate Professor in Robotics at ISEN Lille (France)

> Béatrice Espesson, Private Law Lecturer, University Jean Monnet, Lyon (France)

> Laurent Jeannerod, CEO Serv SA (France).

> Florent Lamiraux,Senior researcher in Robotics CNRS (France)

> Jean-Claude Boyer, CEO Industry Department Galile Group, (France)

> Jocelyne Troccaz, CNRS Research Director (France). Specialist of medical robotics, IEEE fellow for contributions in Robotics and Imaging in medical applications, MICCAI fellow for scientific contributions to computer-aided surgery and medical robotics, Member of the French Academy of Surgery for contributions to clinical progress.

> Pierre Bureau, CEO Farman – Robotics services- (France)

> Sébastien Briot, Research Scientist at CNRS (France), Head of the research team ARMEN – Member of the National Committee for Scientific Research (CoNRS) – IEEE Member

> Dave Smith, Director, Aerospace Control and Automation Systems Consultant,Test-electrics ltd (United Kingdom)

 > Christophe Rigaud, Researcher, Lab L3i, Computer Science Department, University of La Rochelle (France).

> Emmanuel Jeannot, Researcher, INRIA (Public Institute for Digital Research) – Expert in Algorithms, parallelism, distributed computing, grids, experimental computer-science(France).

> Fabrice Jumel, Head of the Robotic Department at Engineering School CPE Lyon (France), Member of the CHROMA INRIA team of the CITI Lab (Cooperative and Human-aware Robot Navigation in Dynamic Environments)

> Lydia Arezki, Phd Student Technological University of Compiègne UTC (France)

> Nicolas Andreff, Professor in Robotics Université de Franche-Comté  (France)

> Simon Lacroix, LAAS/CNRS Scientist (France). Research scientist in Robotics at CNRS.

> Lionel Lapierre, LIRMM Assistant Prof. (France). Assist. Prof. in Underwater robotics.

> Sylvain Lanneau, Researcher in Submarine Robotics (France).

> Mohamed Sahmoudi, Associate Professor ISAE-SUPAERO (France).

> Patrick Henaff, Professor and researcher at University of Lorraine (France) – Expert in Artificial Intelligence and Humanoid Robotics,

> Joël Colloc, Tenure Professor in Computer Sciences at University of Le Havre Normandy (France) – M.D with a specialty degree in forensic medicine. Research in e-health, artificial intelligence in medicine

> Fabio Morbidi, Associate Professor in Robotics Université de Picardie Jules Verne (France) – Member of the IEEE Robotics & Automation Society.

> Alban Laflaquière, Senior Researcher in Developmental Robotics SoftBank Robotics Europe  (France)

> Félix Ingrand, Researcher in AI and robotics LAAS/CNRS (France)

> Valérie Hanoka, Research associate, Sorbonne University (France). PhD in Natural Language Processing.

> Laurent ‘Mary’ Chaudron, Director of French Aerospace Lab ONERA (France), Provence Research Center – Research in Cognitive Sciences and espacially on Conceptual Knowledge Modelling.

> Adrien Matricon, PhD Student Computer Science and System Engineering Department, ENSTA ParisTech (France)

> Jean-Marc Fedou, Emeritus Professor, University of Nice (France).

> Patrick Le Blaye, Research engineer in human-system interactions and concepts for civil and military applications of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) French Aerospace Lab ONERA (France)

> Gilles Simon, Assistant Professor in Computer Science University of Lorraine (France).

> Maximilien Naveau, Post-Doc student in humanoid robot locomotion, Max Planck Institute (Germany) – PhD thesis in September 2016 at LAAS-CNRS

 > Stephane Doncieux, Professor at Sorbonne University (France)-Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics – Professor at CNRS

> Marion Crehange, LORIA Emeritus Professor at Université de Lorraine (France)

> Alain Berger, Director at Ardans, a French Hi-Tech company specialized in Knowledge and Information Management (France). PhD at University Paris VI (France) in Artificial Intelligence – Ardans Scientific Director in ETHICAA (Ethics and Autonomous Agents), a French program co-financed by the French National Research Agency CNRS-Member of the board of the French National Association for Artificial Intelligence AFIA

> Luca De Mori, LIP6 – NPA Research Engineer (France)

> Quentin Meunier, Associate Professor in Computer Science at Sorbonne University (France)

> Mark Hunyadi, Profesor of Ethics at UCLouvain (Belgium) – Belgium member of Louvain Bionics – specialist of ethics of technology.

> François Rossignol de la Ronde, Law Professor, INSEEC (France). Author of Advanced Technologies Law.

> Olivier Devillers, Researcher in Computer Science at INRIA (France)

> Cédric Herpson, Laboratoire d’informatique de Paris 6 (LIP6-CNRS), Sorbonne Université Associate Professor (France). Associate Professor in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science laboratory of Sorbonne Université (LIP6-CNRS)..

> Catherine Bidard, Researcher at CEA (France). Interactive Robotics Laboratory, involved in collaborative robotics, Cobotics and Telerobotics.

> Renaud Ronsse, Robotics Professor at UCLouvain (Belgium) – Research in medical and bio-inspired robotics at UCLouvain – Member of collaborative FP7 and H2020 projects: WALK-MAN and CYBERLEGs++

> Brahim Tamadazte, Scientist Researcher CNRS FEMTO-ST Institute (France). Microbotics for medical applications. Image-guided surgery

> Ozgur Erkent, Researcher INRIA (France)

> Thibault Gateau, PhD in Artificial Intelligence, ISAE-SUPAERO (France)

> Vincent Cueille, Robotics Engineer at Octopus Robots (France) – Research in autonomous environment perception, interpretation and SLAM

> Jean-Philippe Camus, Legal Notary at Camus Ziegler Meiller (France)

> Ramdane Semrani, CEO Handytronics (France)

> Jean-Baptiste de Varax, Lawyer (France)

> Jade Le Maitre,  CTO & Co-founder Hease Robotics (France)

> Xavier Basset,  CEO Hoomano (France). Board Member of Labcom – Common Research Laboratory on Human-Robot Interaction. Founding member of Social Robots Community in Lyon.

 > Emmanuel Rachelson, Associate Professor ISAE-SUPAERO (France). Head of the Data and Decision Sciences training program at ISAE-SUPAERO- Researcher in Reinforcement Learning, with applications in Robotics..

> Rodolphe Gelin, Executive Vice President in charge of Innovation at SoftBank Robotics (France) –  Softbank Robotics is the leader of the humanoid robotic industry.

> Hilary  Sutcliffe, Director SocietyInside (United Kingdom), Director of not-for-profit promoting responsible innovation

> Robert  Dingwall, Sociologist and Professor of Sociology, Nottingham Trent University (United Kingdom), Director of Dingwall Enterprises Ltd, a personal services consultancy providing advice on digital futures, user experience and Internet of Things.

> Benoit  Herman, Research Associate in Medical Robotics, UCLouvain (Belgium), Head of the CREDEM technical platform with the Institute of mechanics, materials, anc civil engineering (iMMC), member of Louvain Bionics, member of IEEE-EMBS and RAS

> Hilary  Sutcliffe, Director SocietyInside (United Kingdom) – Director of not-for-profit promoting responsible innovation

> Nicolas Pépin-Hermann, AI Engineer, BA Systèmes (France). R&D Engineer and Project Manager in the robotic research department

> Morgane Morey, Lawyer, Fidal (France)

> Fabrice   Jotterand, Senior Researcher in Biomedical Ethics, University of Basel, (Switzerland), Medical College of Wisconsin, Associate Professor of Bioethics and Medical Human & Director of the Graduate Program in Bioethics, Medical College of Wisconsin, Wisconsin, (USA)

> Justus  Piater, Professor of Computer Science at University of Innsbruck (Austria)

> Jack  Stilgoe, Senior Lecturer, University College London (United Kingdom) Senior Lecturer in Science and Technology Policy

> Alexandra Bensamoun, Professor of Law, Paris-Sud and Rennes 1 Universities (France).

> Rosangela Barcaro, PhD in bioethics , Independent researcher in the fields of bioethics and artificial intelligence (Italy)

> Aurélie MahalatchimyCNRS Researcher, CNRS, Aix-Marseille University (France).

> Claudia  Otto, Lawyer and law firm owner, publisher and chief editor of « Recht innovativ » (Ri)., COT Legal (Germany). Frankfurt (Main) based legal advisor, researcher and writer with focus on Legal Technology, Blockchain and Smart Contracts, ICOs, IoT, FinTech, and A.I.

>Jean-René BINET, Professor of Private Law, Université de Rennes 1 (France). Specialist in family law, Bioethics and medical law

> Herman Bruyninckx, Professor, KU Leuven, TU Eindhoven (Belgium). Professor in Robotics and mechatronics, designing robotic systems that can answer, at all times and in human-understandable terms, the following four questions: What am I doing? Why am I doing it? How, and how well, am I doing it? What could I be doing instead, and still be useful?

> Paul Parnière, French Academy of Technology (France)

> Laurent Fribourg, CNRS Researcher at LSV (ENS Paris-Saclay & CNRS), Director of Institut Farman (ENS Paris-Saclay & CNRS),  Researcher in control and verification of cyberphysical systems (France)

> Yvonne Van Remmen, Programme manager, Ministry of Infrastructure, Environment and Waterways (Netherlands)

> Georgie Courtois, Partner, De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés Law Firm (France).

> Martin Takáč, Assoc. Prof. in computer science, Centre for Cognitive Science, Comenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia) – Lecturer and researcher in cognitive science, also research contractor for Soul Machines. Ltd

> Viktor Karmazin, Software Developer, IBM (Slovakia).

> Mischa Senn, Professor. Dr. iur. And Head, Zentrum für Kulturrecht (ZKR) / ZHdK (Switzerland)

> Guillaume Thibault, Co-Founder, Akeros, systems and software for Robotics integration (France).

> Christine Hummelen, Lawyer, gemeente (The Netherlands)

> Yolanda SÁNCHEZ-URÁN AZAÑA, Full Professor Labour Law and Social Security Law, Complutense University (Spain). Researcher and profesor; Research Robotics Project member

> EJ Brasse, Human rights advocate, (The Netherlands)

> Werner Zandstra, CEO, Blockchain Industry BV (Netherlands). Professional organization in A.I. And Blockchain

> Carl Van den Einden, Safety manager Liftinstituut (Nederland).

> Yitz Lefko, CEO, Ratzfert (Hungary). CEO

> Jos Teunisse, CEO, Teunisse Scheepvaart (Nederland). Commercial Transport

> William Payne, Autonomous systems developer, ASV Global (United Kingdom). Technical lead for Machine Vision research at ASV Global, a manufacturer and operator of autonomous boats and ships.

> Verena Hafner, Professor of Adaptive Systems, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany)

> Jeffrey  Bruinsma , Director, Chairlink B.V. (Netherlands). Director of the companys FKD International B.V/ Chairlink B.V/ Flexway B.V

> Simon Reynolds, Director, Lewes Square Consultancy Ltd (United Kingdom).  Consultancy advising on and assisting with infrastructure project management. Concerned with safety and contract administration impacts of digital technologies

> Quirine Eijkman, Lector (professor), Centre for Social Innovation (KSI), Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands (Netherlands).

> Radek Smolik, CEO, eTRENDS s.r.o. (Czech Republic). Information Security Consultancy

> Martijn Otten, Inspector CE, TÛV Nederlanf QA BV (The Netherlands). Inspector for product safety, specialism Machinery Directive

> Rick Bouter, Emerging Technologie consultant, Accenture (Netherlands).

> Peter Kits, Lawyer, Deloitte (The Netherlands). Partner IP/IT&Data Legal

> Bernd Kohlstedt, CTO, KOINAG (Germany).

> Martin Dinov, Chief scientist and engineer, Maaind (Bulgaria).

> Virginia Dignum, Professor Social Artificial Intelligence, TU Delft (Netherlands)

> Lilian Bermejo Luque, Associate Professor, University of Granada (Spain).

> Daniel Rivet, CEO Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Innovative Synergy (Spain).

> Walter Stanish, Founder, Infinite Food (Germany). Global robotics entrepreneur and investor.

> Raul Rojas, Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Freie Universität Berlin (Germany).

> Ana Pereira, Researcher on Biomedical law and bioethics, Centre for Biomedical Law (Portugal)

> Steven Umbrello, Managing Director, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (Italy). Managing Director and research in NEST ethics.

> Mike Ligthart, Social Robotics PhD Candidate, Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands). Social Robotics and AI researcher IEEE – ACM – EurAI member
BNVKI board member

> Edith Langer, Researcher, TU Wien (Austria).

> Wilfried Kubinger, Professor, FH Technikum Wien (Austria).

> Timothy Patten, Postdoctoral Researcher in Robotics, Technical University of Vienna (Austria).

> Michael Zillich, CTIO, Blue Danube Robotics GmbH (Austria).

> Markus Vincze, Head of Research, TU Wien (Austria)

>  Johannes Braumann, Association for Robots in Architecture (Austria). Professor for Creative Robotics at UfG Linz, Co-Founder of Robots in Architecture

> Mikko Alasaarela, Founder, CEO, Inbot (Germany). Inbot is an artificial intelligence company

> Christian Vater, Lecturer and Research Associate, University of Heidelberg (Germany). Lecturer at the Department für Philosophy of the University of Heidelberg and Research Associate at the CRC 933 « Material Text Cultures » – Subproject « Script-Bearing Artefacts in the New Media ». Research in Alan Turing and the Philosophy of AI.

> Richard Krajčoviech, Consultant in data science, financial services and compliance. (Slovakia) – Fellow, life management institute, Associate, insurance, Regulatory compliance, Former Data protection officer, Former member of IEEE.

> André Pereira, Professor of Medical Law, Faculty of Law – University of Coimbra (Portugal). Director of the Centre for Biomedical Law. Professor of Medical Law and General Theory of Private Law.

> Mayra Zurbarán , PhD Candidate, Politecnico di Milano (Italy).

> Adrian Cotop, service engineer, SC Napomar SA (Romania).

> Marc Steen, Senior research scientist, TNO (The Netherlands).

> Adriano Cosentino, Bologna, UIL CA (Italy). Trade Unionist Regional officer

> Aimee  van Wynsberghe, Assistant professor in ethics and technology, University of Delft (The Netherlands). Co-director Foundation for Responsible Robotics, board of the Institute for Accountability and Internet Democracy, advisory board of AI and Intelligent Automation, COST action on wearable robotics.

> Christina Colclough, Director of Digitalisation, UNI Global Union (Switzerland). I am responsible for our policies, training, strategies and union innovation in relation to all aspects of the future world of work, including our call for Ethical AI, responsible data, algorithms etc. I sincerely oppose affording a commodity any form of human attribute, including liability

> Ralf Dr. Otte, Professor for Control Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, Ulm University of Applied Science (Germany). Member of the AI ethics network of Baden-Württemberg. Professor at Ulm University of Applied Sciences. Responsible for the AI master programs at the university and have been working in the field of AI for over 25 years.

> Tom McClelland, Research Fellow, University of Warwick ( United Kingdom). Research Fellow in Philosophy of Mind

> Matthijs Pontier, PhD in Artificial Intelligence, VU University Amsterdam (Netherlands).

>  Pierre-Yves Monjal, Professor PhD in European Law, Chair Jean-Monnet, University of Tours (France).

> Emmanuel Gillet, Legal consultant in Brand Protection (France)

> Alexandre Coninx, Associate Professor, Sorbonne Université (France). Researcher in AI for robotics at Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics at Sorbonne

> Michel Entat, IT court Expert, AXEMIO (France). President of AXEMIO
IT court expert towards the Appellate Court of Paris-Member of the French Company of IT Court Experts in charge of the Ethics Commission

> Grégory Bonnet, Assistant Professor, Normandie University (France). Assistant professor in Artificial Intelligence at GREYC (Normandie University). Scientific coordinator of the ETHICAA (Ethics and Autonomous Agents) project, funded by the French National Research Agency.

> Jos Aarts, Professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands). My scientific expertise is in the field of clinical decision support systems and their impact on people and organizations. I am an elected Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics because of my significant and sustained contributions to biomedical informatics.

> Ana Lambea Rueda, Profesora Universidad, Universidad Complutense Madrid (Spain).

> Patrick Jager, Product Safety and Compliance Engineer, Lely Industries nv (The Netherlands).
> Jean-Yves Vergnaud, Legal Counsel, CGE SARL (Luxemburg).

> Jérôme Dupré, Attorney at Law, Agreement Avocat (France). Ph.D in Law

> Duuk Baten, Organisational Committee member, Foundation for Responsible Robotics (The Netherlands).

> Jan Willem Rodenburg, Manager Product Safety & Compliance, Lely Industries N.V. (Netherlands).

> Ian Sommerville, Emeritus Professor of Software Engineering, University of St Andrews (United Kingdom)

> Katrien Van Gijsel, Innovation manager, KBC (Belgium).

> Mario Henrique Cruz Torres, Chief Technology Officer, IVEX Intelligent Vehicle Technology (Belgium).

> Aaron Quigley, Professor, University of St Andrews (United Kingdom). Chair of Human Computer Interaction

> Francois Charoy, Professor, Université De Lorraine (France). Professor in Computer Science – Expert in collaborative systems

> Claude Toussaint, Managing Partner, Navel robotics (Germany). Founder of the startup navel robots, which develops social robots with artificial social intelligence. Project coordinator of a BMBF-funded research project with the aim of developing a social robot that creates sympathy, trust and social resonance

> Ruth Stubenvoll, Principal Communication & Change Consultant, Ethic Activist, Ruth Stubenvoll, Marketing & Kommunikation (Germany). Member of Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) and German Chapter of the ACM (Member of Board 2010-2014)

> Steve Baeyen, Lab manager, ILVO (Belgium). Computational Biology

> Claudia  Otto, Lawyer and law firm owner, publisher and chief editor of « Recht innovativ » (Ri)., COT Legal (Germany). Frankfurt based legal advisor, researcher and writer with focus on Legal Technology, Blockchain and Smart Contracts, ICOs, IoT, FinTech, and A.I.

> Enrico Turci, E-learning Videomaker, EU Commission agency (Belgium).

> Jacques Levy Vehel, CEO, Case Law Analytics (France). I am the founder and CEO of Case Law Analytics and I develop artificial intelligence engines to quantify legal risk.

> Rachael Anne Roberts, Ethics and AI researcher and writer, EThics and AI (United Kingdom).

> Brian Pagán, User Experience Designer, The Greatness Studio (The Netherlands). Participant in the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems

> Nina Gosse, Lawyer, De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés (France).

> Jon Reade, PhD Researcher, Machine Learning, University of Dundee (United Kingdom). PhD Researcher, Machine Learning (Academic), and Machine Learning Architect (Professional). Professional data science practitioner and architect in a leading global law firm.

> Rieks op den Akker, Emeritius Assistant Professor AI, University of Twente (Netherlands). Emeritus Assistant Professor AI and Human Media Interaction

>Rainer Breeck, Liability Broker, Private (Germany). Head of Liability Insurance Germany

>Steve Torrance , Visiting Senior Research Fellow, School of Engineering and Informatics, University of Sussex (United Kingdom). AI and technology ethics consultant

> Louis de Redon, Law Assistant Professor, AgroParisTech & Sorbonne Institute for Legal Research (IRJS) (France). Environmental Sciences & Law at AgroParisTech – Researcher at the Sorbonne Institute for Legal Research (IRJS) – Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University – Director of the Center for Legal Research and Teachings at AgroParisTech (PREDA)

>Dirk Van Compernolle, Professor, KULeuven (Belgium). Professor in Speech Recognition

>Yves Moreau, Full professor, Yves Moreau (Belgium). Professor of bioinformatics at the University of Leuven. I also work on ethical aspects of Big Data and AI, in particular in genetics.

>Gianluca Bontempi, Full professor in Machine Learning and Computer Science, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Computer Science Dept, Machine Learning Group (Belgium).

> Georgios Chamilothoris, Professor, University of West Attica (Greece). Teaching and research in Mechatronics and Robotics, at graduate and post-graduate level, at the Dpt. of Mechanical Engineering and the Dpt. of Industrial Design and Production.

>Britta van Beers, Associate Professor, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands). Associate professor in the field of law, philosophy and bioethics

> Maja Brkan, Assistant Professor, Maastricht University, International and European Law Department (Netherlands).

>Brandt Dainow, Chairperson, Internet Society, Ireland Chapter (Ireland).

>Daniel Sandmann, Founder, Sandmann | Rechtsanwalt (Germany). Law firm with focus on digital strategy, regulation, disruptive technologies and cybersecurity. Researcher, speaker and adjunct professor at University of Augsburg and of Nancy Business School

> Colette  Sciberras, Educator, Government of malta (Malta). Lecturer In Philosophy and Ethics

>Maria Angela Ferrario, Lecturer, School of Computing and Communications (SCC), Lancaster University, UK (United Kingdom). Principal Investigator of EPSRC-funded ‘Values-First Software Engineering’ project, part of the ‘Values in Computing’ research program at SCC, Lancaster University.

> Dion B. Zhang, electronics system engineer, refuge (France). Alcatel/Nokia R & D system advisor on wireless infrastructure; creator of robots sensor fusion net. Independent thinking, no human rights.

> Miguel Angel Moreno Navarrete, PhD in Civil Law, University of Granada (Spain)


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